Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, Jax and Dex are playing hockey and Dex is not doing any extracurricular activities. He had expressed an interest in playing bass guitar so I spoke to the owners of the music store where I take my lessons and they ordered in a 3/4 size bass guitar. It took forever to come in but it arrived today. I took Dex over to buy it but then they said he was tall enough that he would do ok with a regular-sized bass so we bought the regular one (along with a case and an amp).

Dex is delighted! This is something just for him and only he is interested in and I think he likes that. He starts lessons in two weeks. I hope it doesn't take too long before he is playing something that is more than just "noise". Ok, I sound like a mean mom with that but really I am so very happy for him!

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