Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Welcome back, Mr. Sun!

Gorgeous day today. Sunny, a few fluffly clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. Love it! Migraine is gone. Got some sleep last night. Chips Ahoy! are on sale. All is right with the world.

Dex got to swim this morning during Jax's lesson so we do not have to go back this afternoon. Three more weeks of lessons then that's it for the summer. We'll start back up again in the fall or maybe wait until next spring.

Dex has a friend over - C. They play really well together (so far) and I hope it keeps up. I've got another 2.25 hours to go until I drop C off with his mom at the school grounds.

Stephen is going to Minnesota next week. I am already panicking about the loooooong days. How do Katie and Heidi do it with such grace? I have Nanny coming one evening then all day on the Friday. That will help. At least the kids will still be in school! I would definitely go crazier if he were going away two weeks later.

Dex is so excited because on Friday I have arranged with Chris the Bus Driver for he and I to ride the bus to school. Nosey Neighbour is going to babysit Cars while Dex and I ride the bus then walk home. I don't think Dex is going to be thrilled about the walk home. He has already asked if we can get the bus to drive us back home too.

Ooops - emergency - ball under the deck!

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