Thursday, June 03, 2004

Walked to pick Jax up from school today. Dex did well considering I took the single stroller and he had to walk both ways. Usually I take the double jogger (best garage sale purchase EVER!) and I push him there and he walks home. Anyway, it was HOT today and I got all sweaty and stinky. Then not long after we got home (we were gone nearly 2 hours!) it was time to take Dex to t-ball practice. What a day!

It was also emotionally exhausting because I saw a baby get run over by a bicycle. Well, he is actually a toddler but anyone under 3 is a baby to me. The bike knocked him down then the tire ran right over his head. I could not believe it. Poor baby had a bloody nose, a big scrap on his forehead and several on his arms and legs. And the sickening thump as his head his the ground keeps echoing in my mind.

I was the first one to him and I picked him up but looking back I guess I should have left him in case he had some serious injuries. Well honestly, I don't think I could have just left him. Anyway, I picked him up and ran him over to his mom. Then I turned to the kid on the bike (who should not have been riding his bike on the school yard, nevermind that it was crowded and he was whipping) to chew him out then I saw that he was scared as hell. I felt so horrible that my first thought was yell at him. I asked him if he were ok, assured him that the baby would be fine, then suggested that he might want to walk his bike out of the school yard.

I called the mom this evening and the baby is fine. I guess the principal is going to contact the bike rider's parents (one of the other kids knew who he was). I hope he doesn't get in too much trouble. He is guilty of using bad judgment, riding in the school yard, but he is probably only 8 or 9 and he did try to avoid the baby who ran in front of him.

I keep getting choked up thinking about the whole thing though. The baby, the kid, the mom. I cried afterwards and am tearing up now. What an emotional wreck...

Stephen took the air conditioner out of the box today (we've had it since my b-day two months ago) and he hopes to have it set up this weekend. Even today the house warmed up to 79 and it was probably about that outside. Hotter weather tomorrow.

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