Thursday, June 10, 2004

Rest assured that the exercise thing was a passing fancy. Whew! Back to slugville for me.

Ash's turn to watch the kids this afternoon. I had made up my mind to come back home, alone, and have a long bath. Of course all that changed when I saw the state of my bathroom so I spent the time cleaning the bathroom, including mopping the walls above the shower (high ceilings suck sometimes). I nearly fell off the step-stool and I smell of bleach but my bathroom is sparkling.

Dex is over his hissy fit from last night. He will be making a formal apology to Nanny when she returns tomorrow (if she returns - yes, it was THAT bad). I am still horrified at his behaviour. I won't go into all the details but it started when he kicked her as she told him to go to his room to get his pajamas on. It ended very badly too according to them both. *sigh* It is so out of character for him...

Today was Dex's last day of school and the last time we shall step foot into that preschool. After forking over $25 for teachers' gifts, I was in no mood to write the teachers little thank you notes so I didn't. One of the teachers I really, really loved too - she was Jax's preschool teacher too - but the other two I was indifferent towards. All of the Stepford Wives brought in gifts for all three teachers, even though they had already contributed $25 (or more) towards gifts. Laurie also felt the same way I did and she did give them additional cards or gifts (I believe we were the only two who didn't).

It is chilly in here. I think I need to turn the heat back on. The weather sucks - low 60's and overcast/rainy/windy. That Gladys Kravitz perch is beckoning but I cannot go out there until it warms up!

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