Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Cars has a viral infection. At least that is what the doctor said. His fever keeps spiking to 102 and he is moody as hell. Doesn't help that he has had 3 teeth pop in the past week.

We canceled playgroup today because of Cars' sickness. So it just ended up being a very looooong day. Jax and Dex did pretty well though, pretending to be singers in a band most of the day. Stephen bought them a microphone and microphone stand yesterday when I was at my psych appt. They think they are IT and are trying to think of a name of their band.

One of my favourite online people will be going offline in the next day or two. I will really miss her and hope that her time offline will not last as long as she is anticipating.

Cute Roof Guy came today to collect the cheque for the roof. He also did another quick inspection so I am assured that all is well. Now I cannot wait for rainy season so I can laugh at the elements and know that I will be high and dry inside of my house.

The Liberals won the election in Canada yesterday with a minority government. So not much will get done over the next few years but at least those PC will keep their hands off of the social programs. I know JP is glad that the PC lost but also sad that the NDP didn't win. Even I am not as Pinko as my brother! lol

Tomorrow I am meeting with a woman at the Church. It is time to go back.

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