Monday, June 28, 2004


Ok, who knew an inhaler could clear up a cough? Ok, it isn't totally cleared but I can actually BREATHE! I got an Rx for Albuterol and was told to take Sudafed and Claritin - all safe for nursing moms. I should be back to normal in no time.

Cars has a fever today and he is miserable. And to make matters worse, I bought him his first pair of shoes and he HATES them. He screams and screams when they are on his feet. Before today, he has only ever worn Robeez so I think the walkers must feel so weird on his feet.

LOL - for snack tonight Dex wanted carrots. Usually they get a piece of fruit or some yogurt and he does not usually even eat carrots. He is an enigma.

Ash keeps talking about switching kids for a day. She says it will help them appreciate us. Thanks but no thanks. Her kids can be very sweet but can also be very difficult (as can mine!). At least I can yell at my kids and send them to their rooms!

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