Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ok, so it is officially summer vacation. School is now over for both kids. Swimming lessons ended too. Now what do we do?

Stephen is going to see the cardiologist in a few hours. He was upset with me for telling his mom that he went to the doctor about pains in his chest. What-ever. Of course I am pissed at him for being upset with me. Stalemate.

I noticed this morning that Cars has a 4th tooth. It is his upper right tooth next to his incisor. No left incisor yet for the snaggle-tooth little boy.

Jax's report card was good but not stellar. Not sure why I expected him to have an exception report card for kindergarten. Aaargh. Why am I doing this to him (and me) already?

Oh great, he just jumped off of the swingset which is too close to the deck so off I go to bring him inside. *sigh*

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