Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Roof: Day 2

They are still up there hammering away. Guess it is going to take longer than two days afterall. Snotty neighbour asked if they were going to go until 9pm again tonight. Since it is 8:50pm I would say apparently so.

I am FLYING. Ok, not exactly doing everything she say when she says it but I am inspired to clean up and out my house. It felt so good to purge all that shit into the dumpster last night. Although I did notice that the TV stand is OUT of the dumpster today. Not sure if it because it took up so much room or if one of the roof guys is going to take it home. We'll see if it gone when they leave today.

Ash is organizing a night out with all of the kindergarten moms (P.M. class only). I think she is miffed at me because I nixted her decision of Thai food. There is virtually no way to avoid peanuts in a Thai restaurant.

::short break::

Me, asking Stephen for the umpteenth time...

Me: What day are you going to come watch the kids swim?
Stephen: What time and day do they swim?
Me: (eyeroll) Monday and Wednesdays at 9 and at 1.
Stephen: Mondays are no good for me.
Me: They only have three lessons left.
Stephen: I can make it to one lesson - which one do you want me to come to?
Me: Pick one of your children.

Ok, that was pretty bitchy of me but for f*** sakes, I have been asking him since the first week of March to come out to one of their lessons. What does it take? I think I will start whistling "Cat's in the Cradle".

Can you tell I have PMS?

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