Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fell off the roof today. Bllaaahhhhg.

The meeting with the lady at the church was really great. She made me feel very comfortable. I met the parish priest and she showed me around the church which is HUGE (intimidation factor #1). I signed Jax up for RE classes that start in September. I also signed Dex up for "preschool" that runs during Mass times. I now need to call another woman to make arrangements to baptize Cars.

Met an online friend today from my Aug2003 Babies forum. She has twin boys who are so cute! They are a few days older than Cars. She lives about two minutes from my house and used to live in my neighbourhood. Small world. I knew she lived in the Seattle-area but didn't realize she was in my city!

Stephen is golfing tonight so he won't be home for another hour or so. I am taking it easy tonight and letting the kids watch Cartoon Network.

Oh, I finally saw some pictures of the twins. They are beautiful! Ally (Alexandra) looks like she has curly blonde hair! There was just one picture of Tori (Victoria) and I couldn't see much because she has tubes in still and she had a hat on. They are both so wee.

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