Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Blah day.

Jax is at school. It is the next-to-last day for him. Then I will have a 1st grader-to-be! *gasp*

Cars vomited twice (well more like spit-up) since last night. Guess I over did the dairy with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream last night. I will go back to having the occasional piece of cheese and see how that goes.

The roofing company sent a drywall guy here to fix the big dings in the skylights and the whole in the master bedroom ceiling. He said he will finish patching the drywall and come back tomorrow to paint. Problem is we do not have any paint for the bedroom ceiling or upstairs skylight (we do for the kitchen skylight) so they are going to repaint the whole bedroom ceiling! Stephen is very impressed that they are doing all of this for us (whereas I expect them to do so).

Speaking of Stephen, he has been having chest pains for well over a month and so my DH finally went to the doctor yesterday. She said she thinks he probably just strained a muscle but to be sure (history of heart disease in his family) she is sending him to the cardiologist. He goes on Thursday.

Stephen is also trying out a motorcycle today. He wants to see what all of the fuss is about.

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