Friday, June 11, 2004

Five years and two days since I moved to Washington State.
Five years and one day since I realized that $230k did not go far in Washington State.
Five years to the day that we found "the" house and put in an offer.
Four years and fifty weeks since our offer was accepted.
Four years and forty-six weeks since we moved into "the" house.

Five years but it seems like yesterday. It was so hot that day and it was the end of the day. We were so done looking at houses but our agent insisted that we look at one more. It was not close to where we were looking but we agreed because it was close to Erik and Terry - the only people we knew in the state of Washington. A looooong trek during rush our and we arrived. We walked into the house and I loved it. We walked into the kitchen and I knew this was the house that we were going to live in. We had a few bumps in the house-buying process (the sellers were high maintenance!) but in the end, we had a very lovely house that became a home.

Funny thing is that after five years of living here I am just now considering Washington State home.

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