Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday Sunday

Usual weekend crap here. Fred Meyer's yesterday for a b-day present for a b-day party Dex was invited to. Also bought another baby gate and some flowers to plant in our containers. We are only a month and a half late on those flowers. Anyway, Stephen planted them today and they look good. Nice to finally have some colour in the backyard.

I filled the kiddy pool today and Cars had a blast in it. He was flopping around and laughing. Much better than last time I put him in and he screamed. Of course last time I had just filled the pool and it was ice-cold. This time I filled it in the morning and by the time he went in it was almost warm.

Stephen took the kids to the driving range and then to Home Depot today. I had 2.5 lovely hours to myself. I painted a painting while they were gone. I really like it too. (pat myself on the back much?) It is not like anything I have done before sans the COBALT colour that all of my paintings have. Anyway, I totally ripped the idea off someone on eBay too. But, the painting is just for me and I like it.

Tomorrow I am going to see the doctor about this cough I've had for nearly 3 weeks. I'm a little nervous because the last time I had a cough this long I had a thyroid problem which was causing my cough (nodules compressing on my windpipe).

I am so busy this week! Tomorrow is our summer playgroup, doctor appt and then psych appt; Tues is regular playgroup; Wed I am meeting someone from my August03 Babies forum; Thurs is summer playgroup again and Friday I am meeting Heidi et al at IKEA. Busy busy busy!

Ok, better run. Jax wants to talk to me and I need to cherish these moments since they are few and far between these days.

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