Thursday, June 17, 2004


Hot day today. The air-conditioner is keeping the family room around 79 which is much better than 85 that is usually gets in this hot weather.

And of course the hot weather brings out the big huge
spiders. Saw my first one last night in the bathroom. Had to awaken Stephen to kill it. ~shudder~ Even though I was really creeped out I kept my cool. I am proud of myself for that.

Climbed the Gladys Kravitz perch today to admire my new roof. They still haven't taken away the dumpster. They sent a follow-up guy came to inspect the roof. He said they need to come back and fix something near the chimney. I also showed him the hole in my master bedroom ceiling (!) and the big digs in both skylight wells. He said they would repair all of the drywall but I do not have any more paint to match my bedroom. :
Kindergartend end-of-year party. They tried to make ice cream in ziploc baggies. Not smart on the hottest day of the year so far. Of course the school is not air-conditioned. Anyway, Ash ran home and got a big tub on ice cream that she had just purchased (she said she knew the home made ice cream would not work out). Nosey Neighbour's nose got out of joint when Bossy Room Mom started going on about whose dumb idea was it anyway (Nosey Neighbours). LOL

The kindergarten teacher got all choked up when they presented her with a book "What I like about Miss C". She is a lovely person and did such a great job this year for her first year teaching!

Well, I am hot and tired so I am going to bed.

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