Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dex is officially 4 now. As of yesterday. We had birthday donuts rather than a birthday cake because that is what he wanted.

Now that Dex is 4, he told me he didn't need pull-ups anymore. Sure enough he woke up dry today. We've tried this before and he can usually go 2 nights dry then wet the next night and back to pull-ups for a couple of weeks. We'll see what happens tonight.

Oh, and now that Dex is 4, he says he is a big kid and needs to take a shower. Tonight was the first shower he took without screaming about the water getting in his eyes.

The sun shone most of today but it was still cool. I am looking forward to warm weather again. Oh, listen...there goes the ice cream minivan. Some guy drives around with his minivan full of coolers hocking ice cream and playing "TURKEY IN THE STRAW" really loud.

So I caved and donated my $25 towards the preschool teachers gifts. :(

Jax fell off the swings twice today. The first time I could not stop laughing. He was saying "Look, no hands!" and then did a face plant as he swung backwards. The second time he fell off because he leaned too far forward when going forward. That one wasn't nearly as funny because he did clunk his head then the swing came back and hit him in the noggin. Ok, so it was a little funny. The kind of thing one would see on "America's Funniest Home Videos".

I have a migraine so it is early to bed for me tonight.

Lifted from katiefleck:

I'm an apparently intelligent, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, relatively well adjusted human being!
What are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Which makes me 80% compatible with katiefleck@hotmail.com. (teeheehee)

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