Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had such a great day today. First off, I replied to every single person on Facebook so I am sure that my news feed caused more than a few people to click "LESS ABOUT PEZ" today.

We had planned a hike but we had torrential rains this morning (and hail!) so we had to cancel. Around lunchtime it had cleared up a bit so I took the kids to the mall and got some free Lego (a small box that came with the Advent calendar that we could fill with loose Lego between Jan 1 and Mar 31), a free Godiva chocolate bar and a free pair of underwear and $10 any purchase at Victoria Secret (I bought two more pairs of undies that were on sale).

Afterwards, while the sun shone, we went for a walk along the river. We then had dinner and cake and played Rummoli. I had such a great day!

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