Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My mom is leaving early in the morning for Vancouver. We had a huge fight today. I am a little embarrassed about it because it stems from her always treating me like a child and when I try to take control and call her on her comments or actions, she tells me I am just "too sensitive". When she acts ridiculous and I tell her so, she tells me I am being a bully.

Anyway, we've made up. Next time she comes I am going to make sure I have projects for her to do so she won't have time to focus on what I am not doing (imagine me not wanting to start dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon!). And I am going to insist she comes when the weather is nicer so she can go out for walks.

I do love her and I even like her a lot. But I love her best 4000km away.

And please no comments about how I will miss her when she is gone. You haven't been with her constantly for the past several days.

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