Friday, March 27, 2009

Last night was Art Gallery night at the school. Since I am the art docent for Dex's class, I had to come up with an art project to display. I decided on Cave drawings based on the cave drawings of Lascaux. I had the kids draw on sandpaper with oil pastels. I thought they really looked great! The kids did a fabulous job.

While I ran the "friendship bracelet" activity (I just had to get pony beads and pipe cleaners), Stephen took the kids around. He took photos of them next to their works of art. Jax's class made and glazed some clay pots and Cars' class painted some terra cotta pots.

Here are some photos:

Oh, and notice the white eye in Jax's left eye again? Weird, eh?

The Fifth Graders also put on a drum concert which I missed because of the friendship bracelet thing. I also forgot to look at the Reflections contest entries (Dex submitted his blue ice photo). year I think I will volunteer to be a "floater" so I can wander around and not miss anything.

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