Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 48

Ok, this has stopped being fun. Dex is on this third day of a fever and Jax is on his second. Jax was not able to go to a birthday party today. He slept the day away, in and out of his fever. Even Advil did not bring it completely down.

Dex's is not as high as it was but he still has one. Tonight, I poured two three tbsp doses of Advil for the boys and Dex drank them both. I freaked out and he started to cry as I called Poison Control. Thankfully, a double dose is not life-threatening!

Tomorrow the kids get to find out who their teachers are and we meet them at 2pm. I have not heard from the school nurse this year about meeting with the teachers before school to review the 504 Plans. I know the nurse is swamped with the new regulations for Food Allergies that the schools state-wide had to implement for this school year. But, it would be reassuring to know that the teachers know what they need to know about Jax and Cars as far as their food allergies. Also, I need to find out if any accommodations need to be in place for Jax for his fractured wrist. Who knows that the plan for PE is for the next two weeks and if he can do it with his wrist.

On the good news front, Cars "graduated" to the next level of swimming. These daily swimming lessons really helped. I have now signed him up for weekly lessons and he will take them from the same girl who was Jax and Dex's instructor. I was hoping that his instructor was going to be teaching his level in the fall but she does not. I do like the other one but this one was really great with the little kids.

Ash had to take her dd to Children's hospital today because she cut her foot a week and a half ago and it became infected and the infection is spreading. Her foot is swollen and red and they have her in isolation in the hospital while they pump IV antibiotics into her. Poor thing! I hope she is better soon. I feel badly for Ash's son because I cannot even have him here since my kids have had such high fevers.

I am looking forward to the end of this week.

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