Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 31

Cars' birthday party was yesterday at one of those bouncy places. There is a large room of bounce houses and blow-up slides and the kids run all around and get all sweaty. Fortunately, it was air-conditioned so it was a nice time away from the hot, hot house.

The cake was a wreck because it was so hot that the icing melted and slid all off the cake. I am too embarrassed to even post a photo of it. Thankfully, Cars still loved it because I plopped a few Transformers action figures on top and that is all he saw when he looked at it. He loves Transformers!

Today, I took the kids shopping because both Jax and Cars needed new swimsuits. I bought them white swimsuits from Old Navy before we went to Hawaii and from playing in the sand there and at the beaches here, the white suits are now a beigy colour. They will not come clean no matter how often I wash them! It looks so gross that I could not face taking them to the club again to swim in the pool with this very dirty suits! I found the last two of three bathing suits left in Fred Meyer! Now I won't be ashamed at the club tomorrow during Jax and Dex's swimming lessons.

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