Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 41

The day started off fun.

It wasn't warm enough to go to a beach so we decided to go to a park in Redmond that the boys really love. I pulled out the PITA bike rack and put the kids' bikes on it and we met Ash and her kids at the park. While there, Jax decided to go over a skateboard ramp that some kid had brought along to the park and he went up and over and landed on his front wheel and somersaulted a few times. Of course I did not see this but I did see Ash's son racing his bike over to spot behind a little grassy knoll. Then Dex jumped on his bike and raced over to me to tell me that Jax was hurt.

He was holding his wrist but he could move it so I was not worried. We left the park and went to the club for Cars' swimming lessons (he is two weeks of daily lessons). Jax said his arm hurt too much to swim so he just sat on the side and watched Dex while I took Cars to the lesson pool. It was cool because there are just two kids in his class so semi-private lessons for half the cost!

I saw Jax's swim instructor (his lesson is tomorrow) so I told her that he hurt his arm and there was a small chance that he would not be at lessons tomorrow but I would call her. She told me she hurt her arm when she was a kid and her mother did not believe it hurt as much as she did but finally took her to the doctor 4 days later and her arm was BROKEN! And that it had probably would have been less severe if she had had immediate medical attention. Hmmm.... I decided then that I would take Jax to the doctor.

I called the doctor's office but they had no appointments left for the day and the nurse I spoke to told me to take him to urgent care. I thought briefly about just waiting until tomorrow but Jax could not turn his wrist without wincing in pain so off we went.

Sure enough, his bone (ulna or tibula - the thicker one) is fractured. So they put a temporary splint on it and I have to call an orthopedic doctor (orthopedist?) tomorrow to get a regular cast on his arm.

He took it all in stride. He was in a lot of pain and only cried once at the hospital from the pain. And on the way home he started thinking of all of the things he cannot do - swimming, going to the beach (he is invited to a beach b-day party at the end of the month), riding his bike, skateboarding, tumbling down the big hill at the Locks, and he was pretty upset. When we got home I told him he could cry if he wanted to because I could tell he was fighting back the tears. He is worried about hockey "try-outs" (just evaluation because he is playing in the rec league) at the end of September.

And he is even a little worried about homework once school starts (it hurts for him to turn his wrist to write). Poor boy.

If you look closely, you can see the grass stains on his right shoulder from his fall.

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