Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 38, 39 & 40

I have been horrible about updating my blahg lately!

On Wednesday, the kids played at Ann's again and I practiced guitar and cleaned the house a bit. I had a terrible migraine so I took the kids out for a quick dinner and asked that they play quietly when we got home so I could go to bed. Just after 8pm there was a huge eruption of screaming and crying. Dex and Cars were fighting. I got so mad and yelled at them both (not my finest parenting hour) and sent them to bed. The both then could not go to sleep because I apparently hated them ("No, I love you and like you but I don't like your behaviour"). Now I had a migraine and I was riled up and could not sleep at all. Aargh!

Thursday, I took the kids to the aquarium. We met some friends there but they were about an hour or so later than we had originally planned to meet so we did not have much time together because the parking is limited to 2 hours. It was still a good time for the kids though. It is a really nice aquarium and I love the little tide pool-like display they have so the kids can touch the marine life.

There was face-painting and Jax asked for a soul patch and Dex had a moustache, soul patch and an otter. Cars just loved his shark!

Spy's youngest son is coming over to play with Cars today. Cars is very excited to have a friend over to play. Lately, the older two have gone off on bike rides together leaving Cars home alone and he is feeling rather neglected. Of course, he makes up for it by fighting like mad with them when they are home. *sigh*

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