Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 45

Ok, that was really yesterday. I took the kids (and my inlaws) to Archie McPhee's in Seattle to spend some money they received from my mom and from my inlaws. They had a blast poring over everything and chosing their goodies. Dex bought a punching nun and "Broccoli v. Corn Dog". Jax bough the nun too as well as fake glasses/nose. Cars bought an "Ark of the Covenant", some plastic space ships and something else that I cannot remember. They were so proud of their purchases.

I took Jax to the orthopedic doc in the afternoon. The doc said Jax's fracture was like a can being crumpled and there is a "slight" chance that he also did damage to the growth plate but we won't know until next year. He does not need a regular cast - just one of those ones that attach with velco and is very similar to what I used to wear for carpal tunnel syndrome. He only needs to wear it for 3 weeks and he can take it off to shower/bath and he is allowed to swim! He cannot bike, skateboard, use his scooter though. We need to go back in three weeks if he still has pain.

Jax was so happy to hear that he only needed to wear it for three weeks. This brace is so much smaller and he doesn't need to keep his arm in the sling. So really, this is the best kind of fracture to have in terms of downtime.

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