Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 42

So, Jax has a temporary splint on his arm that lasts "about 2-3 days" yet no orthopedic doctor can (or will) see him for 5-7 days because of swelling. WTF?!

I did get him an appointment for Friday afternoon at a pediatric othopedic doc who takes our insurance. Seriously, who knew that our insurance would be a problem? I have heard grumblings amongst other Big Software Company people that this doctor and that doctor no longer takes it but apparently there is a HUGE number of doctors who do not because the insurance company (and no doubt Big Software Company is self-insured) does not reimburse the doctors enough.

Anyway, Jax is still in some pain but not as much as yesterday but I figure that is because the splint is not allowing him to twist his wrist. He was in good spirits today and stopped listing all of the things he cannot do.

He stayed at Ash's today while I took Dex and Cars to swimming lessons. Then we came home and I tidied like a mad woman because my inlaws arrived tonight for a one week visit.

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