Saturday, August 08, 2009

I went to hockey to watch the boys for the first time in weeks (ok, months). I had decided that hockey was going to be Stephen's thing since 1) I cannot tie their skates tight enough and 2) I have been the one to always take them to practices for every other sport forever so I figured it was his time.

Anyway, I was so pleased to see how well they are skating considering they all really only started in January. Jax has improved the most. He seems to be the most interested in hockey. We've signed him up for PeeWee hockey (recreation team) for the fall/winter session. We need to get out and get him some gear because the rental equipment is only for beginners and the session ends next weekend. The try-outs for him will be in early September so we need to get him fitted and accustomed to his new gear before then.

Cars will do beginner hockey again next year. He enjoys it but he doesn't seem to have the drive to chase the puck. We'll see what happens after this year.

And Dex. Poor Dex. His skating has not improved as much as Jax's has. He seems to like being at hockey and enjoys the time there but I think he would be just as happy staying home or doing something else. He says he cannot decide if he wants to play again in the Fall or not (he'll just do the beginner program again - he is not ready for a team). We'll wait a couple of weeks before we make him decide. Too many tears right now forcing him to make a decision.

Probably unrelated to his weepiness but his tics are back after being absent for a few weeks (head shaking and throat clearing). :(

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