Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer o'Fun 2009 Day 33 & 34

Day 33

Today was Cars' 6th Birthday! I cannot believe that my baby is 6 already! Really the time has flown. I think of all of the things that have happened in these 6 years. Most of them are chronicled here on this Blahg because it was started as a type of therapy for me to write while I was suffering from PPD.

Cars had a terrific day doing what he wanted. He watched tv and played video games. He played outside and then chose where we went to dinner (Red Robin). He so badly wanted the staff at the restaurant to sing to him and then he pretended to ignore them when they did. He is a card!

Here are some photos from his party this past Sunday as well as one from his actual b-day.

Sad looking cake. See the icing is falling off the side because it was so damn hot that it was virtually a liquid!

Cars and his friend M

Cars with the Lazy Daisy Cake that he wanted on his actual birthday

Day 34
My friend Ann invited my boys over to play with her boys from 11 until 4 today! Whoo-hoo! I browsed around REI and then looked at virtually everything in Co$tco. Then I came home and read for an hour. Great Summer O'Fun day for me. :)

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