Thursday, August 19, 2004

We went to the Seattle Aquarium today with Ash, Gav and Kins. It was so nice. Even better because the discount card (called Prime Card) that MS employees get got us all in for $3 (except for Cars - he was free). Anyway, just as we were getting ready to go it was feeding time for the octopus. To feed him, they throw a peanut butter jar with fish in it into his tank. He used the suckers on his tentacles to open it up to get the fish. Too cool! We also saw them feeding the sea otters. They have a really neat area that is like the tidal pools and there are sea cucumbers, star fish, purple sea urchins (like in Freddie the Fish!). Way cool. Then we went to Red Robin for lunch the home.

Here's a shocker. Stephen is actually taking a VACATION day tomorrow. We are taking the kids to a waterpark. This is the first vacation day he has taken all year, not counting the month he had off in February which was covered under his paternity leave. Anyway, let's hope the sun continues to shine tomorrow!

I have some sort of bite on my arm and it is so itchy. I noticed it on Monday and it started to hurt last night and work me up. Still so very itchy! Today it has "spread" and is red and lumpy. The redness is about 2" long and 1/2" wide. If it hasn't gotten better after the weekend I will go to the doctor. Ash says she thinks it is a ~shudder~ spider bite! eeek!

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