Friday, August 13, 2004

Twenty-five dollars and two cents ($25.02). That is the cost for 2 passport pictures. Thanks Canada. They changed the specs for passport photos last year. Before that, Canadians living in the States could just get the US sized passport photos (you know the ones that cost like $4.99/set at Costco or $7.99 at the drug store?!). Well now they need to be 50mm x 70mm with the head between 32-36mm (or some such nonsense). So I had to go to this specialty photo place that charged $23+ tax for the pictures. Next, I need to FedEx it (they recommend FedEx vs regular mail because that adds another MONTH to the processing time) and the cost is $95 for the actual passport. Holy Crap! And with my luck we'll be called for our green card meeting with the USICS while my passport is being processed. *sigh*

Ok, why do magazines send the renewal notices to you six months in advance? I just received a notice for a renewal for
Better Homes and Gardens but my subscription does not run out until January. And I swear that Consumer Reports has sent me four renewals already for a December renewal! Sheesh! Like I don't get enough junk mail!

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