Monday, August 16, 2004

Low Tide

We went to Alki Beach in Seattle today. The stress of driving across the lake then through the city was not as overwhelming as I had expected. Dex was enthralled while driving across the West Seattle Bridge which made my palms sweatty - tight lanes and way too friggin high! Anyway, we got to Alki about an hour before low tide (11:58am) but the tide was out already and it was so fun poking around under rocks to look for crabs, clams, eels, shrimp (at least they looked like shrimp - but very tiny), etc. No starfish but I guess the birds got to them before we arrived. By the time we left a 2pm the tide had come back in and the flats and tidal pools were long since gone. It was chilly there (only 60 degrees whereas it was mid-70's on the Eastside when we left!) but still a great time. I would love to go next year during the extreme low tides.

Saw my psychologist for the first time in three weeks. I thought I would have nothing to say (since I am cured, don't-ya-know) but I bathered away for an hour. Next appt is two weeks today.

Tried to get Cars to go back to sleep in his crib after he awoke last night but to no avail. I think he is destined to sleep forever in our bed from midnight to 6am. *sigh*

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