Monday, August 02, 2004

Met some friends at a park today. It was a lovely day, sunny, warm but not hot. The kids were running around by some big old trees behind us when suddenly CRACK, WHOOMP, THUD! A huge limb about 4" in diameter and 12 feet long feel from one of the trees! It landed at the feet of a little girl. Another six inches and she would have been seriously hurt! Man, I am shaking again just thinking about it. Jax and Gav had just been in that spot, kicking a soccer ball around. Tami and I freaked and called the city of Redmond. They send a crew out and one of the guys said he had trimmed the tree last week and it was so old and diseased that he recommended chopping it down but it is an old tree and is in a perfect spot for shade. The park is brand-new (just had the official opening on Saturday - it was farm land donated to the city). The next limb that falls will probably crush the picnic shelter and hopefully not a little kid.

Cars is cracking me up tonight. He is running around like he is hopped up on sugar or something. Stephen let him carry the tv remote around and he thinks he is KING. lol

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