Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nothing new here. Stephen is feeling ill from a major allergy attack. He was trying to tough it out but all that resulted in was a bitchy wife listening to a moaning grown man. I drove to Safeway late last night to get him some Claritin.

My mother is getting on my nerves. I love her dearly, of course, but she seems to think that I am not capable of handling Jax's peanut allergy issue with the school. See, the thing is, there is no issue at the moment. I spoke to the teacher and we appear to be on the same page. We'll see what happens and I will re-address it if it is not working. My mother, from 2500 miles away, is insisting that I march over to the school district and DEMAND that the school become peanut-free. She says "Andrea says at HER school they would make a classroom peanut-free. Every child has the right to an education in an environment that is safe for them". My gawd! Give it a rest. I am going to stop talking to her about it.

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