Sunday, August 15, 2004

Missed 9am mass because we had company still. Then after they left Stephen went to get his haircut and now it is three minutes before 11:30 Mass. My kids are glad about it.

JP and Marilyn arrived yesterday and stayed overnight. It was a short but nice visit as always. We played poker last night and of course I won because we were only playing with chips and not money.

Stephen fed Cars a scrambled egg this morning. He gobbled it right up. Now of course I need to watch him for any signs of an allergy. Nothing in the past has given me any indication that he has an egg allergy but because of Jax's allergies, I worry and fret about it. Cars would not take a cup of homo milk (aka whole milk but it is called homo milk in Canada - short for homogenized). I will try again today and tomorrow and if not I am off to buy him some soy milk, I guess. I'll probably buy him the vanilla stuff because it looks like it would be yummier than plain soy shit.

Stephen took the boys to the mall yesterday to visit the newly opened Lego Store. Of course he had to buy them not a $5 lego set but a freaking $30 set - one for each of them! Crips! Here I am trying to be frugal and he's off pissing our money away. I have also stopped driving around in the heat without the air conditioning on in the car because he drives around in his car with the air set at 68 degrees!

Ok, ranting about that made me feel a little better.

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