Thursday, August 26, 2004

An apple for the Teacher

Jax met his teacher today. We found the class and he found his spot at the shared tables. She was great - remembered him from last year (she was the full-day K teacher in the class next to his). She had a little letter for each student as well as a letter to the parents stating that the classroom was PEANUT-FREE! Wow. She said it was what was best for all involved. So no peanut butter sandwiches allowed for that class. I was so happy I could have kissed her!

Next, I went to the office to drop off Jax's benadryl and epi-pen and the nurse gave me a letter from her that will go home to every parent reminding them that the class was peanut-free (yeah!) and a list of common foods that kids are not to bring to class (m&m's, pb, granola bars, cracker jacks, etc). The note also reminded parents to READ labels.

There are *5* 1st grade classes this year. After they re-drew the school boundaries last year, they apparently had no idea of the real number of students coming into this school. There are also a large number of 3rd graders too.

Remember my vow never to cook again? (August 3, 2004). I broke it and I should not have. I made pizza tonight, with pizza dough from SCRATCH. Problem is that the dough tasted awful and was as hard as a rock. Why oh why do I not listen to myself? I.CANNOT.COOK. End of story. I have got to quit pretending!

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