Saturday, August 28, 2004

Oh my aching back!

I scrubbed the kitchen floor today which took ages. The swifter wet mop does not work as well as I had hoped (or maybe I just need to use it more often - lol) so today I spent almost an hour washing the floor with vinegar and water. It took so long because it is wood so I would have to wipe each 3'x3' section dry after I washed it to protect the wood. I think we need to refinish the floor. Add that to the job jar.

Stephen wanted the kids to have one last summer blast so we went downtown Seattle to Gameworks. While they played, I wondered around the shops downtown. I bought a bra and free undies from Victoria Secret (a coupon came in the mail for free pair plus $5 off a bra). I was so excited to buy a bra that was not a nursing or maternity bra! I am sure it won't fit me once I finish nursing but it looks good now! It is the same size I was before I got pregnant so hopefully my boobies won't shrink too much once Cars is weaned.

Speaking of that, the little stinker turns up his nose at vanilla soy milk too. So who knows what I am going to do. I was speaking to a friend of one of my playgroup friends and she said she recently weaned her 20 month old dd and her dd will not drink milk or eat yogurt or cheese so she just ensures she drinks calcium enriched oj. Adding that to my shopping list...

Two more days until school starts for Jax in his peanut-free classroom! ;)

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