Thursday, August 12, 2004


Ok, the hot weather has returned and it is a little more humid that usual. Ugh. Our poor little air conditioner just does not do enough. I think we will need to relegate it upstairs and at least cool one of the bedrooms off...

Yesterday we went to Meydenbauer Beach Park again yesterday for playgroup. It was hot this time and the beach was re-opened. The kids splashed around in the water until I saw a big rat (or muskrat or something) swimming in the water so then I suggested that they just play on the beach unti we left shortly thereafter.

Speaking of big rat, Ash had a strange animal on her deck last week. She said she had no idea what is was. Lori suggested it might be a Mountain Beaver. I'd never heard of them and Ash looked it up online and sure enough that is what it was. So much wildlife around here!

Today we are heading back to Lk Samm State Park and we'll see the family of Bald Headed Eagles as well as cool birds as they go fishing.

This weekend JP and Marilyn are coming. They will bring all sorts of good things with them from Hickory Sticks (for Stephen) to Smarties and PeaButter for all of the kids. Yeah!

Oh, time to go pack a lunch for the beach!

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