Tuesday, August 24, 2004

And then the rain came...

Ok, remember how I was complaining because it was too hot and too dry. It just start raining a few days ago and never let up? And it is COLD! Well, cool, but feels COLD compared to 85F. Twenty degrees cooler and here we are. Brrr - I am not ready for wearing pants and sweaters again. Man, I hope they fit me!

Called the school yesterday and spoke to Jax's teacher about the peanut thing in the classroom. She has had a peanut-allergic child in her class before so I am confident she will be on top of things. She was the full-day kindergarten teacher until this year so Jax also knows who she is already. And she spoke at length about him and his allergy to his k teacher.

Dex has been a bit of a pill lately. I think he is struggling being the middle child. I am trying to work more on making sure he expresses his opinions (without whining, please!) and we take into account his wishes but for the most part he is so easy going that it seems it is only for very minor things (in my eyes) where he is insisting things are his way. Let's hope that once school starts things will improve for him.

I am being a big PITA at the SAHP forum because I want to hit 10000 posts by September 1st. Only 168 to go! ;)

We've decided to hold off repairing the cracked pipe for now. I need to call for an estimate from the drywall guy to find out what the overall cost will be. Insurance broker advised me not to go through insurance unless it was "catastrophic" else my rates could go up or I could be deemed "uninsurable". I don't get it - wtf do I have insurance for then?

Anyway, off to watch the news then to bed to read my book.

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