Saturday, July 31, 2004

This is us at the BigSoftwareCompany Picnic today. That is a mountain behind us (Mount Si)

It was fun. We were there for a long time - 11am-4:15pm. Lots of good food but the line ups for all of the free food and rides were so bloody long. The last ride the kids went on - bumper boats - took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to go through. I was ready to give up but Dex really, really, really wanted to go on so we persevered.

We were smart this time and brought bathing suits for the kids so they could run through the "Kid Wash" and they did not get their clothes wet on the bumper boats. My garage sale purchase last year of a double jogger worked out well for us. It pushed smoothly over the farmers field where the picnic was held and easily transported Cars, the diaper bag, towels, swimsuits, hats, sandals (while the kids were in the "Kid Wash") as well as several cups of water in the side pockets. I think Ash was a little sore that she sold it to me when she could clearly have made good use of it still this year at the picnic (teeheehee).

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