Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Mean Mom

It was one of those days when I could just not make any right decisions/moves/etc for the kids.

Mean Mom was on duty. Jax said wrote a note to tell me that "I hat my mom". Mean Mom laughed and thanked him for hatting her. He then snatched the note from Mean Mom and changed it. Next, he heeted Mean Mom. Mean Mom had a good laugh at that too.

Mean Mom then made Jax go outside without tying his shoes because he spent the time when he should have been getting them on writing that lovely note and Mean Mom no longer had time to tie them (a sleeping Cars was in her arms). So of course he walks outside and trips on his shoe laces and it was Mean Mom's fault again. Now Mean Mom is "ruining everything!". Oh the tragedy!

So, Mean Mom took the kids out to run errands instead of meeting friends at the beach. The errands were to buy school supplies which are on sale this week so that perked Jax and Dex up a little. They were very well-behaved and loved picking out school supplies. Nice Mom is back. Nice Mom decides then that maybe a stop at the beach is in order after all (Nice Mom packed bathing suits and towels anyway even though she had no plans to go). It was too late to meet friends though.

The friggin park was packed (well duh! It is 2pm and HOT). Mean Mom is back. Mean Mom drove around for 10 minutes ("Why are we just staying in the car?") then was able to get the parking spot that Ash vacated as they were leaving as we arrived. The kids change into their swimsuits in the car. Nice Mom reminds them to bring their towels which they of course forget. Get to the beach and they want Mean Mom to march back to the car (1/4 mile) to get them. Mean Mom thinks not. Mean Mom tells them to stand in the sun to warm up and dry off then wipe their feet off with Cars' blanket.

Anyway, home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Of course this is the day that Stephen is golfing. So...tick tock tick tock the day drags on and on and once again Mean Mom and Nice Mom alternate, based on how often Jax and Dex fight with each other and how often they are sent out of the room for timeouts.

Mean Mom then makes everyone go for a walk. Meaner Mom won't let them take their bikes. Meanest Mom shows up when we take a walk around the BIG block. By the time we got home, Nice Mom had helped pick out some great rocks for their collection and lets them ride their bikes back and forth in front of the house for a while.

Nice Mom was who put a bandaid on Dex's scraped knee and let Jax stay up a moment longer to show off the school supplies when Daddy finally arrived home. Nicest Mom put let them read for 5 extra minutes before lights out.

I hope Nicest Mom comes back tomorrow.

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