Friday, July 30, 2004


The van is at the dealership. It will require several hours worth of work. Good thing it is covered under the warranty (or at least it had better be!). It is a transmission problem which means we have a piece of junk from here on out. Aaargh!

Tomorrow morning we will have to drive into Seattle to pick it up then turn around and drive back home before driving to the Microsoft Company picnic. That will put the kids in a pissy mood - all that driving around in the car.

I coloured my hair last night and missed a lot of spots so I still have grey roots here and there. Now that my hair is a little longer (it is longer on top but by no means long) I don't think one box of hair colour will do. Later this afternooon I am getting my hair cut. I wonder if the lady will mention my patchy colour job.

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