Monday, July 12, 2004

Ok, I do have some good news to share.

I ~think~ I am over my ppd. I was thinking the other day that I can see clearly now. No more fog. No more anxiety (other than the standard mom-type stuff). No more panic. No more thinking about how I will get through each day. I can almost say I am happy. I still have a hang-up about admitting I am happy (admit and the shoe will drop - dumb superstitions). I have learned a lot of tools to handle things. I have changed my way of thinking that has allowed me to let go and I am much better for it.

I go to counseling once every two weeks now and I think after September, I may drop it once/month until after Christmas then say good-bye to my therapist all together.

Life is good.

(that, in spite of the double ear infections that Jax and Cars have, and the single ear infection that Dex has).

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