Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Where did summer go? It is cool and rainy today. It is supposed to be like this all week. How depressing!

The 4th of July was fun. The sun came out after a mostly overcast day. We had three other families here for a bbq then we started lighting off fireworks about 8pm. We had some big ones (read ILLEGAL in our city) and it was great fun watching them go. My favourites where the ones that would shoot parachutes into the air and smoke on the way down. They were good to set off while it was still light. We had two small grass fires (oops - gotta water the lawn) from sparklers.

Tomorrow we are off to Olympia to visit one silly and evil Sage. I am looking forward to seeing her.

Thursday is Stephen's stress test at the cardiologist. Then Friday is the big snip-snip for him. I need to find someone to watch the kids for a couple of hours in the morning because of course Nanny isn't coming yet again. I am going to get rid of her at the end of the summer since I don't think I really need that time to myself anymore (it is nice but not necessary) and it is getting to be very spotty when she can actually come.

Ok, hacking up a lung here so off to take my meds.

Boys on the Fourth of July

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