Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Rain Rain Go Away!

Ok, buh-bye rain. You've been here long enough today. Non-stop pissing rain. My Gladys Kravitz Perch will be handy as an Ark in another couple of hours.

JP and Marilyn are coming to town with my, I mean "the boys'" smartie stash. Also, JP of course has some ebay packages to pick up. They are also bringing down a jar or two of Pea Butter, which looks and kind-of-but-no-really tastes like peanut butter. Both Jax and Dex love the stuff, Dex especially on waffles. I can stomach it over soy butter but I do prefer almond butter but much of it is made on the same lines as peanut butter so it is not safe.

Speaking of not being safe, after we shot off all of our fireworks we all got a traveler or road pop and headed up the cul-de-sac to see Nosey Neighbour who was quite tipsy. The neighbours had a nice set up with chairs and tables out in the middle of the road. One of the snacks on the table was a bag of peanuts. So tipsy Nosey Neighbour is munching away on the peanuts, throwing the shells on the ground. My anxiety is going up with each shell as I was thinking "Shit! What if Jax falls on the ground RIGHT HERE next time he rides his bike". Then she started pawing Cars who was wrapped in a blanket. Everytime Jax came near I walked away from her so he could talk to me. We left a short time later and I immediately threw all of Cars' clothes in the washing machine (yes, at nearly midnight!). One good thing about all this rain is that hopefully every speck of peanut residue has washed away and it will be safe for Jax to ride up there again.

Well, I must get my beauty rest...

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