Saturday, July 17, 2004

Taking a break from clearing out junk out of my house! Getting ready for the garage sale and I finally tackled the closet under the stairs. I put all of the kids crafts stuff in a huge plastic bin - much better than that stuff being scattered in several different plastic bags.

While cleaning out that closet, I found out the following:
1) I will never ever ever ever need to buy white glue again in my lifetime
2) ditto on crayons
3) ditto on gift bags
4) The closet is not a good place to store wrapping paper if I think it will not get crumpled

This closet is used to store office supplies, craft supplies, art supplies, wrapping paper and ribbon, fabric ribbon, sewing machine, sewing basket, brooms, all cleaning supplies as well as crystal glasses and china tea cups because I have no room in the kitchen cupboards and no buffet in the dining room (which is now a craft room/lego room anyway). Anyway, whenever I bought some art or craft stuff, or school supplies when they were on sale super-cheap, I would toss (literally!) the bag into the closet. I didn't realize until I pulled it all out and looked at it together that I had 9-4oz, 1-7.6oz (nearly empty though), 4-2 oz bottles of white glue! Who needs that much glue???? Now I am going to have to think of crafts to use it all up.

So the closet is organized (for now) but still very full. It does not even have my bead stuff, my acrylics or any of my scrapbooking stuff in it.


Ok, I also tidied up the "game" closet which holds our board games and puzzles. I had no less than 4 Trivial Pursuits games. Two are slotted for the garage sale although I must say it goes give me great pains to do that. I also put out my original Scrabble game that Stephen and I played from the time we started dating, oh so many years ago (18). We used to have great Scrabble matches. However, he started losing to me all.the.time. Badly. And now he will not play at all. So that game is going into the garage sale (not to worry though - I do have my Deluxe Edition that he bought me about 8 years ago. I cannot wait until Jax can spell a little better so I can teach him to play.

Stephen took the kids out to mini-putt while I finish up the closet and get the stuff I am selling out to the garage. Then the fun everything in order to sell it so I get top dollar for everything. I hate-hate-hate going to garage sales when things are over-priced and not even CLEAN. Ick!

Enough rambling from me...back to work!

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