Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mervyn's One Day sale took a big bite out of my wallet. Two pairs of pants for Jax, one sweater, one long-sleeved t, a pair of pants for Dex, a long sleeved t, a pair of shoes (on clearance!), a windsuit for Cars and a pair of shoes = $100. Not too bad I guess.

Shopping was an ordeal because we went with Ash and her kids. Gav encouraged Dex to run around the store. Jax ran in the opposite direction, trying to get the other two to follow. Cars cannot sit down in their little stroller carts - all shopping carts really need to have 5-pt harnesses.

Then we decided to head to the park. Of course it was at that moment that the CHECK ENGINE light in my car went on. F*ck. I called Stephen to call the dealership (since we were at the park) to see if it were 1) ok to drive and 2) if we could take the car in tomorrow. Apparently the car is ok to drive as long as the CHECK ENGINE light is not flashing (FLASHING = VERY VERY BAD) and they do not have any openings until Friday morning. So he makes an appt for 8am on Friday. So now I have to get my kids up at the crack of dawn and shuttle them 22 miles, across the floating bridge, into Seattle. Curses! At least the car is still under warranty.

I called today to change Dex from T/TH/F P.M. preschool to MWF P.M. preschool. I didn't think about the fact that all of his friends from last year would be free on T/TH to play but he would be in school those days. But with the change, they are all going the same days and he can invite some over from time-to-time to play.

Gladys Kravtiz Watch
The little doorbell-ringing girl came over today to see if Jax could play. Fortunately Ash answered the door (I was frantically looking for my AMEX card which had disappeared). She would not leave after Ash said that Jax could not come out because we were going out momentarily. She kept asking where and why and could she come too. Finally she left after about 5 mins of questions. (I found the AMEX card btw!). When we got home from shopping and the park I saw that she was playing at the nextdoor neighbour's house. :D

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