Thursday, July 15, 2004

Crazy on You

Ok, Blogger changed their dashboard again...

We went to the Locks today in Seattle. It was so cool. I hadn't been there before although I had been to the locks in the upper Mississippi across from our apt in Minneapolis (here if you are interested:
St. Anthony Falls Locks. Other than a major meltdown by Dex and the neverending traffic back-ups (Seattle traffic SUCKS!) it was a great day.

After dinner while Stephen gave the kids baths, I headed out to Costco for a few things ($180 later - how does that happen??). They had a few aisles blocked off because Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart were there signing copies of their newest album. I was sad for them because there were not big crowds but then I realized the had been there for hours and the lineup for autographs was CLOSED. So I didn't buy their CD - lol

Ok, so back to the $180 I spent at Costco. Shit! I really didn't buy anything extravagant or what we didn't need. Here's the list:

Venus Razors (16 count) $24.99 (ouch!)
Tampax Tampons(100)$10.99
RainCoat for Dex $11.99**
Infant Tylenol (ioz) $6.19
Children's Kirkland Brand Ibuprofin $6.89
Chicken Breasts $18.45
Pork Chops $17.05
SugarSnapPeas $5.49
Skintimate Shave Gel $6.99
Rainier Cherries $6.99 (2lbs)
Goldfish Crackers (58oz) $5.99
Ritz Crackers $4.99
Eggos $6.89
Carrots $3.49
English Cukes $2.99
Pears (6lbs) $4.99
Comet (6 cans) $4.79
Choc Milk $10.99 ***
Yellow 5x8 paper Pads $4.99

**(will take it back because Stephen says it is girly)
*** ok,this was a convenience splurge Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk 10-8 oz individual boxes

And that comes to $179.95! I cannot believe I spent that much there. I think I need to stop going there alone!

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