Friday, July 02, 2004


I went to IKEA today (are you jealous, Sarag?). We met up with Heidi and kids and had a good time. Geez, her kids are soooo adorable. I spent over $60 on nothing. Ok, I did buy two reading lamps for Jax and Dex - but that was only $20. Hmmm...

Spent too much money at Costco last night too. And Fred Meyer. Can you see a pattern here? Retail therapy.

Cars does not scream when he is shown his shoes anymore.

Ah, the sun has finally poked through the clouds today. It is chilly! It should never be less than 70F on July 2nd!

Gladys Kravitz Watch
The neighbours up the cul-de-sac behind us are planning a big bash for the 4th. Nosey Neighbour invited me up but we are having our own barbeque. Perhaps we'll head up there with our MHL after our guests leave. :)

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