Saturday, July 03, 2004


Cough is back with a vengence. I didn't take any allergy meds yesterday and I think that was a big mistake. Let's hope this will clear up now that I have used the inhaler and Safeway-brand Claritin.

We have an arsenal of fireworks for tomorrow night. We'll probably light them off before it gets really dark. Stephen bought them outside of the city limits so we have some real aerials. Then the teenager across the street gave him some real firecrackers that he bought at the Indian reservation. I wonder how severely Stephen will burn himself tomorrow.

I made some sugar cookies for tomorrow. Man I love that gel food colouring. The icing on them looks great! Bright Blue. Bright Red. They look good enough to eat! :)

I talked to Jen for a long time tonight. The girls are both doing well. Both are in NICU and were transfered to St. Mike's. They are both back up to their birth weights. They are working now on getting them to learn to swallow so they can take a bottle or nurse.

Jen is feeling so out of sorts. She gave birth and then goes home without the babies. It feels so wrong, she thinks. Jen also still has PUPPPS that has not gone away (it usually goes away post-partum). She and Greg are pretty sure she will never get pregnant again.

Well, off to bed to get my beauty rest.

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