Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 23

We went to the beach today. A different beach than we usually go to (but still on Lk Sammamish). The weather was just perfect! Sunny, warm but not too hot and a very nice breeze blowing. The beach had a little pier that the older boys spent their time jumping off into the water. I loved watching them having a blast doing it. I really hope we are making good memories this summer (even with dentist appts and boring stuff!). ;)

I am going to Toronto on Friday. Alone. Aaahhh... It came about in a weird way but some high school friends are having a reunion of sorts and I wanted to go to T.O. for that but not as a family due to the cost. So in the end, I am going alone. It will be nice though because I will spend a day with Ramona (and other high school girlfriends), a day with my mom (including a visit to my brother's house and to see him, his wife and their girls and then some time to see friends whom I would not normally see if I had the whole family with me. I am really looking forward to it.

And I will admit that went out this afternoon and I bought an outfit for the reunion even though it will just be an afternoon party at Ramona's house. The reason I did so was due to the last two times I was in Toronto ('07 and '05) and I went out to dinner with Ramona and Alicia, I would show up in a t-shirt and capris and they would be dressed to the nines! Seriously! It was so embarrassing. And even after Ramona swore that she would wear capris last time, when I came to her house in my capris she ran into her bedroom and changed into a skirt! Aargh! I felt like such a frumpy stay-at-home housewife.

Anyway, I'll post photos of the reunion and hopefully you'll see that I won't be under dressed this time.

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