Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 21

The boys had golf today. I dropped them off right at 11 (drop off is 11-12 and the program starts at 12) then hustled over to the emissions testing centre for the van. Passed! Then I went to Target to get the bulk of the school supplies purcha$ed. Ouch!

Jax is going to get all of his hair cut off. He says it is bugging him. I had jokingly said I would pay him $30 to cut his hair short like Cars' not knowing that he had been considering it himself so now he is going to get it done and I am going to have to pay up. I will miss that mop but it is time. His hair is so coarse and wavy. I am taking him to the fancy salon (it is only $5 more for a kids' cut than SuperCuts or SuperClips or CostCutters or whatever it is called).

Dex still likes his hair the way it is and Cars likes his short so he can spike (but he never wants it spiked - he just likes the idea that he can do it).

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