Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 13

We were up at the crack of dawn to get to an 8am orthodontist appointment. Of course the office is less than a mile from here and originally I thought it might be fun if we walked but then I was having hair issues so, in the end, we only arrived 3 minutes early (not good for new patients).

All three kids were x-rayed and photographed and assessed. The orthodontist, Dr. N is as cute as everyone says, btw, although Ash thinks that he is too grey now. I guess she likes younger guys. ;) Anyway, he was super nice and explained everything. Jax has some crowding and a couple of baby teeth fused to his jawbone which Dr. N believes will fall out on their own - they will just pop out from the pressure of the teeth beneath them, not get wiggly first. His jaw also cracks when he moves it (Jax later told me that he thought that was normal). He has a bit of an overbite and some crowding but Dr. N suggests we wait a couple of years before we start any treatment to see how his molars come it.

Dex has no jaw issues. :) He has a huge overbite and a lot of crowding. It was recommended that he gets a palate expander and then braces. Dr. N said Dex's issues were "moderate" but he thought it might be a good idea to wait on treatment until he gets more permanent teeth.

Last up was Cars. *sigh* I thought I saw dollar $ign$ in the orthodontist's eyes. He said that Cars will definitely need early treatment but nothing would start until he had lost his 8 front teeth. He will need a palate expander to fix his cross-bite and then maybe braces. We'll see about that though.

So, it looks as though all three kids will start treatment about the same time. Maybe I need to find a job to pay for all of this?! Yikes!!

In the early afternoon, we went to the pool at the club and Ash and her kids were there. Afterwards, her kids came over for a couple of hours.

Tonight, Jax and I started on a light box/tent for their Lego movies. They get some glare on the pieces and sometimes the camera cannot focus due to that glare so we'll see if the light box will help. I forgot to buy bristol board today else we would probably have completed it. He is itching to get going on their next movie.

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