Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer O'Fun 2009 Day 14

The kids went to Ash's house for a couple of hours this morning while I ran a few errands. Then they tidied up while I panicked about camping. Now they are all resting quietly. We are heading to a park shortly to meet a friend and then we have to drive to the brewry so Stephen can return the keg of beer (he did not want to put it in his car in case it leaked so now we have TWO cars driving up there since he did not leave the receipt for the deposit). *sigh*

Toyota apparently has changed their minds about not selling us a car and have located what we want a mere 1900 miles away. I guess we'll need to pay shipping or something. Stephen asked for a price on the car and they gave us the sticker price. I don't want to play this game. I told Stephen we should just tell them our *only* price and let it go if they won't meet with us. That back and forth stuff sucks.

Ok, off to fold laundry and try to get the kids' clothes packed.

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